This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data that DISPI (hereinafter: “DISPI”) processes from its [members, donors, participants or other interested parties].
If you become a member of DISPI, [make a donation] or otherwise provide personal data to DISPI, you give explicit permission to process your personal data in line with this Privacy Policy.
We advise you to read the Privacy Policy and keep it for your own administration.

1. Responsible party
Responsible for the processing of the personal data is:
DISPI, address, telephone number, Chamber of Commerce or company registration number]
The member / donor management officer can be reached via [email address or telephone number]

2. What data does DISPI process and for what purpose?
2.1 In the context of your membership, the following personal data are processed:
a) first and last name, date of birth, place of birth, gender
b) address details, possibly postal address (if different)
c) telephone number (s), email address (es), bank account number (s)
d) other personal data that may be required for our organization, such as social media accounts
2.2 DISPI processes the personal data referred to in 2.1 for the following purposes: (the following may be adjusted by the organization)
a) your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will be used for contact about the membership and any cancellation thereof, registration and deregistration for the certification by 3rd party bodies, for the provision of the information requested by you or the processing of the information obtained from you,
b) your name, address and telephone number are used to send invitations and information about services and activities of DISPI;
c) your name and bank account number is used to make payments, e.g. settle membership fees, course fees, training fees, orders and received services.
2.3 Your name and telephone number will be used for up to one year after the termination of the agreement to ask you about your experiences with DISPI and to inform you about new developments of DISPI
E-mail notification (opt-out):
DISPI uses your name and e-mail address to send you its e-mail newsletter with information about activities, services and other interesting information about membership of DISPI. You can unsubscribe from these mailings at any time via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

3. Retention periods
DISPI processes and stores your personal data for the duration of your memberships, and up to a maximum of one year after this membership has terminated. The personal data will then be destroyed.

4. Security measures and processors
4.1 To protect your personal data, DISPI has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures.
4.2 For the processing of personal data, DISPI uses services by third parties, so-called data-processors. We have a data-processing agreement with the processing third party.

5. Right of inspection, data-removal and complaints
5.1 You can request to view, receive, change or delete your personal data via the membership administration of DISPI. DISPI will process your request and inform you on progress within one month of receipt
5.2 In case you want to object to the (further) processing of your personal data as referred to in Article 2, you can also contact the member administration.
5.3 If you have complaints about the way in which DISPI processes your personal data or handles your requests, you can contact the data protection officer.
5.4 Any other questions or comments about this Privacy Policy can be directed to our member administration ofni.[antispam]

6. Changes
This Privacy Policy is subject to change. The changes will be announced on the Website. We advise you to regularly check the Privacy Policy.

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